DECOW16A (and later): topological annotation

The topological annotation as used for DECOW16A and later. See: Heike Telljohann, Erhard W. Hinrichs, Sandra Kübler, Heike Zinsmeister, Kathrin Beck. 2012. Stylebook for the Tübingen Treebank of Written German (TüBa-D/Z). Tech report. Universität Tübingen.

dmdiscourse marker
psimpxparatactic construction of simplex clauses
rsimpxrelative clause
simpxsimplex clause
adjxadjectival phrase
advxadverbial phrase
dpdeterminer phrase (e.g. gar keine)
fxforeign language phrase
nxnoun phrase
pxprepositional phrase
vxfinfinite verb phrase
vxinfnon-finite verb phrase
Topological Field Node Labels
lvresumptive construction
ccomplementizer field (C-Feld)
fkoordcoordination consisting of conjuncts of fields
koordfield for coordinating particles
lkleft sentence bracket (Linke (Satz-)Klammer)
mfmiddle field (Mittelfeld)
mfemiddle field between VCE and VC
nffinal field (Nachfeld)
parordfield for non-coordinating particles
vcverb complex (Verbkomplex)
vceverb complex with the split finite verb of Ersatzinfinitiv constructions
vfinitial field (Vorfeld)
fkonjconjunct consisting of more than one field